Government Transformational Programme (GTP) Annual Report 2011

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I. Reducing Crime NKRA

1. Street Crime & Index Crime down by marked 39.7% & 11.1% respectively

2. Global Peace Index (GPI) 2011, Malaysia most peaceful country in Southeast Asia & 4th in Asia Pacific (Now GPI 2012, Malaysia ranked 20 over 158 countries)

3. Safe City Programme extended to an additional 151 PBTs (Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan) nationwide with 8,329 enhanced lightning posts, 1,311 safety mirrors, 104.3 km of railings and bollards installed for the public's safety

4. Largest rollout of security personnel in crime hotspot, over 27,000 personnel comprising policemen, RELA and JPAM (Malaysian Civil Defence Department)

5. Customer Service Rating machines deployed in all 82 police stations in Selangor

II. Fighting Corruption NKRA

1. 64 companies sign the Corporate Integrity Pledge (CIP) to fight corruption together

2. Novel reward & recognition guidelines for public servants who report incidence of corruption & graft

3. Unparalleled cooperation between key enforcement agencies such as Royal Malaysian Police, Road Transport Department, Royal Malaysian Custom Department, Immigration Department and Malaysian Anti-Corruption COmmision

III. Improving Students Outcomes NKRA

1. Total 3,089 pre-school built including 45 classes built in remote areas Sabah & Sarawak

2. Innovatives systems & tools introduced such as Sistem Maklumat Prasekolah Kebangsaan which enables data monitoring and evaluation of preschool centres and students nationwide & School Examination Analysis System for all public schools

3. Total of 891,327 primary students underwent the literacy & numeracy screenings (LINUS).

4. Over 40,25% of school moved out of the lowest performing primary & secondary school classifications to higher band

IV. Raising Living Standards of Low Income Households NKRA

1. One, Over 63,147 poor households (including 12,510 from Sabah & 11,401 from Sarawak) participating in 1Azam Programme

2. Another 1,100 woman entrepreneurs successfully trained & their income raised an average RM750 to RM3500 permonth, bringing up total number over past two years to 3,100

3. 12,578 participants received micro credit loans & training for small business or service based self employment from Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM)

V. Improvement Rural Basic Infrastructure NKRA

1. One, some 998,357 lives were positively impacted through several of these..

i. Additional road built added to accumulate total of 1,796.1 km
ii. Total 109,500 rural home connected to clean water supply
iii. Cumulative 54,270 unit of houses electrified and
iv. 31,327 rural homes were built or refurbished ahead of schedule

VI. Improving Urban Public Transport NKRA

1. Puduraya is transformed into world-class Pudu Central. First makeover in 35 years

2. 468 bus stops in Klang Valley refurbished while 306 new bus stops currently under planning & design

3. Introduction of 470 RapidKL buses to increased the frequency of buses in Klang Valley

4. Bus Ticketing Systems across all RapidBuses

Baca dan anda nilai sendiri apakah dasar GTP ini adalah satu dasar yang mampu bawa perubahan kepada negara, :)

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