I Believe

Posted by ||Aku Pemikir|| | Posted on 2/12/2013 09:17:00 am


When I read about successful people. I noticed that in their writings or speeches, they always used the word "I believe"

" I believe we can be better"
" I believe we can be a great nation"
" I believe our economy can expand more"
" I believe we can win this!"

The word "I believe.." reflect back to our attitude, optimist when seeing one thing, trying to exceed the limitation, doing something that most people lack of confidence to deal with

Of course we not only just saying this word, it must also come with the package of hardwork, being persistent, planning the right strategy and never give up. Then what we desire can be achieve.

So all leaders, throw away the negativity and all the bad thought, avoid saying the negative word like "I'm afraid.." or "It is impossible..". It is us putting the obstacle in front of ours.

Wake up in the morning, with a smile on our face, with a firm heart and mind, say "I believe.."

The greatness is ours..

Dr. Khairul Hafidz Alkhair

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