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Posted by ||Aku Pemikir|| | Posted on 2/08/2013 09:51:00 am


I had created a new FB Page named Leadership In The Eyes of A Young Doctor this week.

I have a strong passion in leadership, so what if i create one page for me to talk all about leadership?

I still remembered how i learned about leadership, and for that i believe that in order for us to understand about leadership, 3E is needed:- Education, Exposure and Experience.

What i want to offer is my knowledge from my reading, my past experience and my thoughts and ideas about this. I want to tell many stories about leadership, in fact a lot. I want to tell people what mistake that I had done so people will not do the same mistake. Yes, I am still a normal human being, but every mistake is a lesson for me to keep learning and learning.

I want to share and i want to help people to understand about leadership, at least the basic thing about it. I want to contribute something for society and i believe this is my strength.

My vision is one: I want each and every Malaysian to know about leadership (not politics or business, just a genuine leadership) cause I know the right understanding about leadership can sail our country to the right direction.

Now here I am, making my first move. Thank you

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