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When you grown up,

You have a marvelous career, a big house, tons and tons of  money, a lovely faithfully wife and of course headache-of-a-lifetime KIDS!!

People looking up to you, telling all of your friends how lucky you are. Everywhere and every time people praise you, envy you and trying to be you. Who did not proud yah?? You have everything that all people can imagine!!
And now, what you want to work for now is to make sure that your kids also follows your footstep. If you are a business man, of course you want your child to be a successful businessman too. If you a lawyer, then you also want your kid to a fierce-full and yet honest lawyer. If your a doctor, sure that you want your kids also become an honorable and brilliant doctor. That what parents do..to make sure what is the best for their kid according to their own formula and experience!!

Life is not always follows our plan. We may plan years, but we don't know the future. No one knows even KURITA (Paul) except Allah.
What if one day you found out that your child don't want to be you?

What if when they now grow up, they want to travel to their own path??

How you wanna handle it? You want to force them to listen to what you say?? You want to ground them until they give up?? Or you yourself give up and let them be what they want to be and pray for their happiness??

It's hard that our kids doesn't want to be us. Yes,it sure does hurt. After years of raising them, this is how they pay us. So what we can do??

Maybe it's time to let them go and make choices. Screw up sometimes, yeah..but who don't?? What is important that we give them what they will use in future. Remain strong with their religion and be the best person that they can be. What they want to be with their life is them to decide. What we can do is to be their BEST ADVISOR  when they need us one day... then you can see how much your child will respect and value you as their parents... \(^v^)/

p/s: Out of my genre i know, but sometimes i just want to write what i feel and thought in my mind.. hoping i am not breaking any code, rule or law.. :)

and by the way, i am not a parent yet..but someday i will.. huhu



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Insya-Allah, someday, you will become a great dad :)