Lets Talk About This.. Shall We??

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" Honey. Let's talk about it.." 

I always heard this kind of word in movies or series... no matter if there are some conflict between friends, between siblings, between father-son/mother-daughter or maybe between between girlfriends and boyfriends!!

I keep thinking that that kind of word is LAME and IMMATURE!! alahaaiiii.. cakap-cakap dalam movie jek pon..sajek nak panjangkan cerita la tuuu....owh..sama la jugak macam if you all always see in the movie..even though your best friends knows something about like your boyfriends is cheating or something..your friends seems like didn't have gut to tell you!!! Apakah?? Kalau dalam dunia sebenar, dah lama dah bitau!!LAME!LAME!!LAME!!!


Lately in my life, when i have something that crossed my mind or i did something.. I just wanna keep it for myself and with my KONCO-KONCO (if have lahhh)...Just me and them knows..nobody else...I think that i don't wanna to tell anybody or specifically somebody cause it will gonna hurt them or it will gonna hurt me!!So i decided to keep my mouth shut!!

Well, this kind of thought makan diri aku balik..just not a very long time ago...someone knew the THING that i don't wanna to talk about it to him/her/them (sajek jek nak cover, nanti kantoi ah..hahahaha).


That time i realized i can't escape to this matter. Yes, i confessed..and i make him/her/them very ANGRY and SAD. I didn't know waht to do... At that time, all the movies and series sume dalam kepala otak aku...and seriously that WORD came out from my tiny-puny brain!!

'LETssSsss TaLKkkkkkk ABouuuuUUUTTtttt THHHhhhiiIIIiisssSSSssss'

Nahhh... aku yang terkenal mulut becok dan celupar tak boleh nak bersuara langsung..tak kesah ah aku nak defend myself or nak kurangkan kemarahan dan kesedihan dia tuh!!


We did not say a single word... hey you!! kate tadi senang jek nak bercakap pasal benda-benda camni..awat mulut hang tak bukak oiii??? Ntah ler beb...tak tahu nak cakap pe...PuLaK dah~~~

Not until the next day..then we started to talk..itu pun dia yang start dulu..maybe lah dia tak keluarkan ayat skema tu like.."Marilah kita bercakap pasal hal semalam".. but i know what he/she/they means is that. 

So i realized what that word means.. i thought that they who say it is IMMATURE but actually they are more mature than me.. because NOT ALL THINGS WE SHOULD TALK ABOUT!! You KNOW and I KNOW..just KEEP IT TO OURSELF!!That is all!!!

Cause sometimes, when we talk maybe it can solve the problems but sometimes make it worse. So its up to you to think which one can happen if you started to talk.. don't make hasty decision....... just think about it first....

p/s: i did something baru-baru ni..most people doesn't understand why..should i talk about this?? or should i don't, like i had hid it for quite sometimes now?? Make it worse or better?? Hmmm....i think i need time to made up my mind!!!



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u know what yoyo.. in a situation like that, even the stupidest words might help... it might sound stupid waktu kite dgar tgah2 cam biase ni.. but if we are in their shoe,
maybe we do think thats the best word to be used.

haha. bile nak balik mesia

that's true..

aku tak reti nak touching2 ni..tapi its time for me to learn...

realiza or not..one day i will encounter this kind of situation..

hoping i can face it better next time~~

aku balik bulan 7..lama lagik....