YOYO dan NANA (Two Is Definitely Better Than One)

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 Girlfren aku jumpa secara tak sengaja gambar ni dalam tenet..
Yoyo dan Nana..
Aku yoyo dan dia nana..
It seems like that we are meant to be together..
Hoping my querida that our relationship will long last...
no matter how far are you..
No matter how long we have to wait..
We know that one day we will be together..
Forever??Nahhh..we will die someday..
But what can i promise you..
Until my last breath,
I will be beside you..

 Jauh..tapi terasa dekat..thanx Alaxander Graham Bell!!

Two Is Better Than One (Boys Like Girl ft Taylor Swift)

So maybe it's true
That I can't live without you
And maybe two is better than one
But there's so much time
To figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking two is better than one

This song i dedicated to you my querida..
TWO is DEFINITELY better than ONE!! 


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Ngeee~ thank you syg:))

miss u!!! :)