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My idea to make the love shape.

And you named the shape

When combined it

It became perfect

You completed me

So am i to yours

We destined to be together!!

we had experienced so many things,

we hurted, we bruised,

but whatever it is,

we stand still

and together we faced the challenge

even though now we are far from each other

it doesnt mean that our feelings fading,

distance make our bond stronger and stronger,

cause me knew that someday we will reunite

and live happily ever after.

Happy 6th Year Anniversary!!

Nota kaki:

1. sori le kawan2..touching sket bulan januari nih..huhu..lari terus genre penulisan akuh

2. dia celik IT,semua gamba ni dia yang edit..cantik...

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u stole my pics!! hehe
sweet post syg :)
thank youuuuu
gambar dua atas tu je ana buat, yg last tu got it from somewhere.
[credit to http://followthatway.tumblr.com]

<3 you!